Working Live Cameras on LCD Screen

Michael Rooks shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hello, could you please add the ability for the new lcd screens to work with cameras so we can have a live feed from a camera, i feel this feature could a great feature.

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I absolutely agree, and with the new In-Cocpit-LCDs it would be even more useful. (Wingman-View, Turret-View...)


Rendering a scene to a dynamic camera is something video games have always struggled with, especially if it's a scene from an area wwith no players anywhere near by, you're asking the server to keep up with scenes that could be across the map, or atleast across max antenna range.

But the real issue with this is rendering a scene to a texture that gets applied somewhere in word.. It's the same as trying to render a dynamic reflection, it's incredibly intensive and difficult to implement.


Just because something is difficult is not a reason to not do it.

To mitigate some of the difficulty it could be restricted to same-grid & subgrids for use as security cameras, reversing/docking cameras, etc.


I agree with Lee. It could be limited to a screen that is on the same grid as the camera.


agrageeefafefefggfagreeded would be gre3at for dockling a large ship


Keen Support replied to this in an XBox thread;

Saying that "they will consider this feature".

This current page for PC, was posted way earlier than that post yet, they didn't reply to this one.

Furthermore the discontinued "Live Camera Feeds" mod in this page is filled with people requesting/expecting this feature to be in vanilla since 2016.

Other than possible incapability due to technical difficulties, I really don't understand why developers disregard highly requested features like this and push out totally unrelated content for long periods of time...

In short, as many people out there, I really believe that this should've been in the vanilla game since the LCD's were introduced and also believe that it would elevate the game play so much.