Why are Rotors, Pistons and Hinges still not fixed?

EDGE shared this feedback 2 years ago

These mechanical parts are the back bone of any Engineering game and they have been bugged since the game came out. It is the main reason for people abandoning the game and giving it a bad rep. Do you not know what the problems are or are you not able to fix them. What do you need to understand the urgency and what can we do to help?

If these parts dont work properly, it's no longer an engineering game.

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"People" aren't abandoning the game, and the game doesn't have a "bad rep." You don't need hyperbole or false claims to justify a problem. Just state the problem.

But, perhaps instead of whining about why {block} isn't "fixed" yet, you should instead explain what exactly it is that is broken. As in, what, specifically, are you upset about? Perhaps provide some examples of the behavior you don't like, and crucially, what the desired behavior should be.

I see many many complaints about pistons, rotors, and hinges, in the forums, discord, and on Steam. I've had a clang issues exactly twice in the 4000 hrs I've been playing. Personally, I'm inclined to say most clang issues are user-error. However, if you would care to provide actual examples of what exactly you are talking about, then perhaps the nice folks at Keen would know what to fix.

But just screaming "why isn't {block} fixed yet" isn't going to help anybody.


I don't see anybody twisting and screaming here but you Patrick, did I say something to offend you? I dont need to justify a problem that has been around since the game was in early access. I also shouldn't need to explain what the problems are as they have already been reported time and time again. It's been years now since they got reported and they have still not become a priority. And no, it's not every body else fault that they dont work properly. If you haven't encountered the problems yet it says more about the complexities of your builds after 4000 hours than it does about the state of the game mechanics. About 80 prosent of the thing I want to make simply has to be abandoned as there is no way to make them function due to faulty game mechanics or bugs. What happens after a short wile is that you just stop trying, as you at some point know what's going to work and not. I've been doing my part on reporting them but what have you been doing? This late in development and I'm still report new and frustrating bugs on a daily basis and that's not normal on a released game that punching out DLC's instead of fixing the core game. I'm also far from being the only one frustrated with the number of bugs and the limits and wasted time they represent. The number one question from everybody considering coming back to the game is: "Are the rotors fixed yet?" and sadly the answer is still,.. No, but they come out with hinges now that have inherited the exact same problems!

Just to make it clear I created a post listing all the problems I encountered with rotor and piston back when the game was still in early access and they are now so old that they got outdated before they ever got fixed. Hope that clears up what this post is about as it is not about listing the problems again but trying to make it understod that it hight time these core bugs become a priority. If you wanna cry about it just because you never built anything remotely capable of even encountering the problems or because your somehow involved in the development go ahead but I'm not going to even bother reading it as people like you hold the game back from ever getting it fixed.

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