Wheels vs Atmo thrusters

Azirahael shared this feedback 4 years ago

We need some sort of gating for atmo thrusters.

As it stands, if you can make a rover, you can also make a flyer with atmo thrusters.

Which takes away any impetus to make rovers at all.

Suggested progression: Manual mining->Rover->more mining->flyer->hydrogen thruster->space->platinum->ion thruster

Which means we need something to unlock the atmo thruster.

For example, if titanium was only found on the poles, and was used to make atmo thrusters, and we always landed at the equator, then we would have the impetus to build a rover to drive to the poles and mine to build a flyer.

As it stands, we only do rovers for a laugh.

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Personally, I stick to rovers because they are cheap as heck to build/maintain. They also can handle more weight than a flying craft.


Rovers need little to no power to drive. Try to fly a heavy small ship with just one small reactor. You wont even get it to move slightly. The rover will drive well wherever you want and as long as you want. You can even just move it with one small solar panel. Try that with a atmo thruster powered ship.

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