What about Handy BatteryPack to recharge the suit ?!

iX-9 shared this feedback 4 years ago

We have Oxygen Bottles to recharge oxygen ...

We have Hydrogen Bottles to recharge the suit fuel ...

Why we dont have a handy Battery-Pack for recharge suits power ???

It should be able to recharge the suit ones or twice, and be able to recharge self when stored in inventoryes of energy-recharging blocks (cockpits, passengers seat...)

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Bump- there are numerous threads discussing how annoying it is to keep running out of energy every 5 minutes, why has keen not addressed this yet?

Did you know, real space suits have enough power to run the suits life support system for over 8 hours- having to recharge every 5 minutes when in space is ridiculous; increase the duration of the suits energy, or give us some space suit battery packs that we can carry in inventory, just like o2 and h2 bottles.

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