Weather Damage Ideas

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Here's what the types of weather would be for each planet:

Moon: Solar Flare | Meteor Shower

Mars: Dust Storm | Meteor Shower

Earth-like: Storm | Thunderstorm | Snow Storm | Blizzard

Alien: Storm | Thunderstorm | Acid Storm | Acid Thunderstorm

Titan: Acid Storm | Acid Thunderstorm | Toxic Fog

Europa: Icedust Storm | Solar Flare | Meteor Shower

Space: Solar Flare | Meteor Shower | Dust Cloud

Solar Flare:

*Disrupts Communications

*Greatly Decreases Power Production and inhibits batteries

*Turrets Malfunction (may shoot ship/base or target non-existent enemies/target player)

*Refinery & Assembler Malfunction (refinery tries to refine ores even when they aren't present and assembler tries to assemble/disassemble components even when materials are not present)

*Medical Station Malfunction

*Thruster, Airvent, Door, etc. malfunctions


Meteor Shower (this isn't meteor storm, that is different):

*large fields of tiny rocks fly around (they don't have fire trails)

*1/4 the damage of a regular meteor

*doesn't leave ores in craters


Dust Storm:

*Clogs up Pistons, Rotors, Missles, & Gatling guns

*Also clogs up Atmospheric thrusters (can't clog up running Ion/Hydrogen Thrusters)

*Decreases vision of player and transparency of windows

*Has a chance to clog up communication systems

*Can cover large amounts of the martian atmosphere, making it very noticable from space or on the surface



*Applies rust skin to random armor blocks (no edges applied to those blocks)

*Causes grass and soil to appear and act "muddy"

*Slight increase in wind production

*Subtle sound of wind and rain

*Slowly damages exposed batteries and tools (when not in player inventory)

*Temperature turns to cold even in day



*Noticable sound of wind, rain, and thunder

*Thunder strikes trees setting them on fire and strikes large concentrations of steel (a refinery is more likely to be struck than a light armor block)

*Can strike player and most likely kill the player

*Batteries malfunction and don't work when exposed to the heavy rain

*Power gain when antenna is struck and batteries charge up fast when the antenna is struck (does damage the antenna)

*Wind turbine does the same thing as the antenna, but it doesn't get damaged

*Temperature turns to cold and can turn to freezing (unlikely)

*Ships get wet skin until they dry up in warm temperatures


Snow Storm:

*Temperature turns to cold and can turn to freezing (more likely than thunderstorm)

*Windows frost up

*Communications are decreased in storm

*Ships get snowy skin until they go into a warm temperature, then it slowly disappears



*Vision is decreased

*Windows may completely frost up (cant see through them)

*Communications are decreased dramatically (1 km beacon goes to only 100 meters)

*Temperatures are now freezing

*Large Ship Spotlight is the only light that can see far into the fog (player lights and small ship spotlights don't go very far)

*Ships may get a complete snowy/frosty appearance with the skin

*Player gets damaged by frostbite when helm is open


Acid Storm:

*Slowly degrades all blocks (1 small light armor block only takes 60 minutes to get destroyed, assuming that the storm is lasting 1 full hour)

*Player gets 1 healthpoint damage per 10 seconds when exposed to rain and 2 health points per 1 second when helm is open

*Only lasts about 1 minute, usually


Acid Thunderstorm:

*This combines the affects of a thunderstorm but amplifies the damage done by acid

*Acid hurts player 5 health points per 10 seconds and 10 healthpoints per 1 second when helm is open (player can die in less than 10 seconds due to oxygen deprivation and acidic burns.)

*Armor damage is 2x stronger than a typical acid storm ( only takes 30 minutes to destroy 1 small light armor block)


Toxic Fog (probably one of the most evil weather dangers, surpassing Acid Thunderstorms):

*Damages all blocks 4x more than the acid storm (15 minutes to destroy 1 small armor block)

*Player gets 20 seconds to get inside before they die (when helm is on)

*When the player is exposed to this gas without their helm, they have only 1 minute before they die from airborn toxins (even when they escaped inside or just opened their helm for 1 second)

*Player dies in 5 seconds when helm is open in the fog and not closed

*Gas can leak into airvents that are exposed to the gas and poisen the air in tanks (even if they are off/not depressurizing)

*players vision gets a red-green tint over time when they are poisoned


Ice Dust Storm:

*Basically just the ice version of the dust storm, and is not destructive at all

*Boosts o2/h2 generators when a vent is depressurizing into the generator

*Deposits small amounts of stone in cargo containers when a vent is put on a cargo container (allows Europa survival to be possible)


Dust Cloud:

*Stays grouped together floating around and only disappears either when the admin deletes it, if the trash remover cleans it up, gets a certian distance from the player, or when the player gathers it.

*Player vision is decreased as well as windows

*Can clog certian systems (just like the dust storm)

*If a vent is on a cargo container and is depressurizing, it can gather the dust (usually getting stone, but rarely getting a random amount of a random ore (ex. 0.384 Au)


Sorry this was so long, but I needed to seperate the contents in order for it to make sense

P.S. The lethality of these events would be controlled by the meteor storm difficulty in world settings (it would be renamed to "Natural Events")


Natural Events Difficulties:

Safe=No events

Normal=Normally Timed and ranking events

Cataclysm=2x as powerful for all events and good things are decreased

Armageddon (unrealistic)=Events occuring every few minutes and lethalities are huge

Cosmetic (No effects)= Same as normal, but the events don't do anything (vision decrease would still happen, but only for player's vision)

Best Answer

Add Radiation (for example near uranium deposits), Extreme Heat and Electric Nebulas in space and i will be perfect, I RELAY hope Keen will implement this

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Add Radiation (for example near uranium deposits), Extreme Heat and Electric Nebulas in space and i will be perfect, I RELAY hope Keen will implement this


so they said that they wouldn't add weather for SE, but that they will for their next game. That'll be fun.

I wonder what the next game will be...


i love this idea. i made a post about survival emement that should be added but no-one has read it yet. this should aslo go with my post

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