Weather and Solar storms

Emerald Captain shared this feedback 2 years ago

so ik u probably get this one already and it would be amazing for weather on planets and clouds. especially with the new survival update you could put suck good use to the wind turbines during windier storms, suit temp during storms (probably colder) and some i want to see are space storms like solar flares that could possibly shut down your power or damage your power equipment. plasma storms, moving planets and astroids. i can see some problems with that but its worth a look into at least i know there i so much this game has to offer and i know so many people would play this game more and ik people who would just want to play this game if you added this in. it would ad a fun challenge and if you can make the graphics and look for the thunderstorm or solar storm look right i bet i would even be cool. my last thing is if you added this in mate add some sort of defense against storms and your suit can only detect the storm for so far away you could add a new block like a weather detector that detect storms from longer distances and allow you to prepare. and then of course underground would be more protected but that up to you to deiced how much more and maybe planets like the alien planet has harsher storms and europa has blizzars and earth depending on the climate this would be amazing

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i understand the complications but i know its possible