Voxel Hands Brush Distance

Djelle shared this feedback 5 months ago

There is something wrong with Voxel Hand's Brush Distance. If you use the sphere tool, set the radius to around 20 (which is a fairly normal low number), you are unable to change the brush Distance. Further more: If you then paint a circle of voxels (a torus) spinning around yourself, the path is not circular. More like a flower shape (See image). The left "brain" shape in the image is when trying to paint a full sphere this way.

This of course make it very hard to paint voxels in free hand. As it's path is very unpredictable.

Also, this is not limited to the sphere tool or the radius of 20. Other setting can result in a much more pronounced flower shape.

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This post if obsolete. Reposted as a bug report. Feel free to close or delete.