Vanilla block weaponry expansion.

Rodrigo Senji shared this feedback 3 years ago

It is common in Space Engineers for players to build their own military ships and even compose entire fleets with diverse classes of military vessels such as corvettes, frigates, destroyers and such.

A issue that can be seen when building or even checking different kinds of warships is the weapons they use, wich are limited in most cases to rocket turrets and gatling turrets, or the occasional PMW rotor turret.

Both current vanilla turrets are ideal secondary weapons, we lack however proper main block weapons.

That is why i propose the addition of a block that can be used as a main weapon, in this case a autocannon, balanced to the other weapons and having a 5x5 radius to prevent spamming.

It could be based on the old ''Large ship cannon turret'' example mod.

Would be interesting it had a high fire rate, but depends on the balance approach chosen.

Together with this there could be added a small fixed cannon block, intended for the use of tanks and other armored vehicles, this would allow many tank builds to be 100% vanilla and enrichen the games build-combat aspect.

Please also take note that the addition of guided missiles would also be very interesting, but i understand that is far more demanding.

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If there is to be a weapon rework there needs to be more than a single weapon added. thankfully keen knows that too and they have already talked about adding more kinetic weapon types, mostly bigger cannons, akin to those you can find on the workshop. this makes sense as it actually help game performance by allowing people to build stronger, fewer weapons instead of just spamming smaller weapons. of course this problem can be already mitigated with player made weapons (rotor turrets and guided missiles) but it is a highly advanced level of play to be able to build and operate those weapons on a constant basis.


More important than adding more ballistic weapons is balancing existing ones. And also address the performance degradation problem caused by this AI running on each tower.

There is already a topic addressing this. Please vote.

When this is resolved, we can think of the varieties of weapon types. It's amazing how hardly anyone thinks about laser guns.

They are practically reality in our time.


This. I'd really like to see a laser weapon and bigger guns. Maybe even a railgun or something.


We need more large-scale capital ship weapons, akin to those on a WWII battleship. If you have seen any images of battleships from that era you can easily see that they are dominated by these massive cannons.

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