Use "Windows default audio" device

Paul E Mak shared this feedback 2 years ago

(Reference the image below.)

If I start the game using my speakers then want to switch to my headset, I have to quit the game, change the audio device and restart the game. I'd like the game to be able to use the "Windows Audio Device", which I could then change when the game is running (because it's "latched" to the Windows device and not the specific sound hardware).

Please and thank you.


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For example, World of Warships (WoTanks, etc) uses this feature. Discord has the option of using the "Windows Default" or a specific device (if you wanted the output to latch to a specific device for example).


YES! Audio device selection and routing is a huge pain in the arse in Windows, it's been made both better and worse with Windows 10, and even though one can now specify a preferred device per application it still doesn't always work.

Streamers have to create crazy set-ups with third-party routing SW, and have to bend over backwards everything else BUT Space Engineers just so that SE ends up falling onto the desired device.

Please expose an audio device selector within SE.