Use tools/weapons inside seats and cockpits + stay inside damaged seats/cockpits

the New Guy shared this feedback 2 years ago
  1. It would be great if we could use our rifles while sitting in passenger seats and using our welders to repair damaged flight seats and cockpits while sitting inside them.
  2. I wish we can stay inside burning seats and cockpits and have the chance to repair them before we crash. Damaged seats/cockpits could even deal damage while you're in them.


Here's a crude photoshop of what I'm trying to say lol

I think this would be really fun and immersive.

Cheers Keen!

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This feedback has my back, because i was thinking about using tools/weapons while sitting in seats.

That way we could for example, shoot at enemies while driving along on the outside of a ground vehicle... instead of being useless hitchhikers.