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Marco Leise shared this feedback 2 years ago

I feel that the Wasteland Race and Uranium Heist need better exposure. One step towards that was official servers for Uranium Heist, but people join and leave 2 minutes later because nothing is happening. Two proposals for improvement:

  • Have some notification on Discord that says: "Today at X o'clock UTC, Uranium Heist on EU #4 steam://connect/"
    The people can plan ahead and join all at once probably.

  • Drop the minimum player count so that 2 people are enough to start the match. When people see that there is some action going on they are more likely to wait to the end of the match to join in.
  • Give players the option to vote as seen in other online shooters. Humans are social animals and if we see 3 people waiting in the lobby while 2 are playing we have mercy and vote to restart the match.
  • Alternatively (to voting for a restart) allow for "late joins", so everyone can jump right into the ongoing match without waiting time.

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I see the last option as the only right one, same as usual FPS games with long rounds ."Search and destroy" game mode makes sense to allow join after round, "capture the flag" not. I see Uranium Heist as Capture the flag type of scenario.


The last option? That was late joins. Or do you mean vote for restart? (That was a bit unclear.)

I've been playing Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike in the past. The former allows joining the ongoing match with spawns in waves every 10 seconds and the latter locks the teams after a few seconds with no respawns. They both have 2 teams up to 16 players each, objectives and rounds that can end very quickly sometimes.

Both made for fun and engaging gameplay. CS turns psychological when few players remain as you tried to predict each others' next step. DoD was a constant onslaught where the teams had to time their attack to overwhelm the other one and push for the objective before the next wave gets there to defend.

Uranium Heist at this point sees no action at all (from the wider community) because it is virtually impossible to get the required 9 players onto the server at the same time. I'd opt for late joins and starting the match with only 2 players, not because that's the ideal gameplay, but because the scenario needs momentum.

Right now people stop checking the server(s), because there's only ever one person on instead of 8. That one person waits there for 5 minutes, nothing happens and they leave as well. But if 2 people could have a match - and if just to practice shooting while waiting for more - they'll stay on the server for maybe half an hour attracting more players that can be sure that they'll see some action and not just sit around waiting.


Exactly, I vote for letting just 2 people to start the match and allow others to join in any time later. Otherwise it will be very seldom that enough players will join at the same time (especially because SE is not primarily FPS game). If there is just a couple of people, it can be nice team death match as well (no matter the scenario objectives).

Vote for restart might be implemented as well but it is not necessary.

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