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I was looking forward to the update. It's the biggest thing to happen to SE since planets.

I was excited.

After using what spare money I had I bought your DLC's. After a long wait I go to play and find out you disable armor skins while offline.. If I had known I would NEVER have bought them.

Keen stole from me. Money I cannot afford. Whats even worse is that all of the armor skins, player skins and blocks are ALREADY in the game for everyone.. locked behind a paywall or rather a entry in your CubeBlocks <DLC>Economy</DLC> for example.

None of my saves work offline. You can spend hours playing only to find out the next time you load that your save is online only..

I have supported Keen for years. People think I'm mad for sticking around. I'm starting to agree.

Make ALL of the game available offline. If this doesnt get fixed I will make sure as many people as I can do not buy this game or any of the DLC. After all the hours I spent on this game only to be f*cked in the end..

I have been given a bike with no wheels for my money..

And please.. Please don't defend this money hungry behavior.

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just saying this here: it is a behaviour of the steam inventory system, not them. just like any game that uses an inventory system, especially all the ones that use the steam framework, items get disabled when offline, as the game isn't able to retreive data about your inventory.

this isn't keen's fault, it's a natural issue of the Valve inventory system. a nessesary one as without the sync of the inventory it opens up a ton of potential exploits for hacking (and since it is linked to a marketplace, you can imagine the problem). please, i know your situation is annoying, and the fact that saves get locked IS something to be adressed, but they aren't responsible for the issue. when you attack about an issue, check first who you are attacking.


Why don't you just make your saves online and private?

By setting your game type to offline you are denying the game from verifying the licences you own for the content you purchased. The content is already in the game because it's better that way, the game needs to check that you actually own the content they charge you for. A lot of pirate DLC back in the day would force you to play the game offline to stop games checking if you actually own the content, they are simply protecting their product.

It's a matter of security in the money they spend producing content for the game that is years old, at the end of the day the employees have bills to pay and need to be paid for their work. Games that offer exclusively free content updates don't last very long because it's not economically feasible in the long run.


Mine has always been available offline and online, and my system/ account KNOWS i paid cause it already checked and shows there icons in my load screen and offline steam. I live out where nobody offers internet, and my phone doesn't have enough data to try. I play offline. When something comes out i want, i either try to let it download a few megs over a couple days, or i convince the library to let me and my son drag our desktops over and set up for a few hours to download thereto play at home. It's never had an issue showing me my outfits or skins before. It lets me use what it ALREADY KNOWS. None of my other games do this ridiculous crap even with other inventory items (as was mentioned before). It's not "just a steam thing". Up until this wasteland update, i could use all my downloads just fine. It knows i have them because it still gives me the blocks and items like the paid wheels and exhaust and shelves. If it had to whine about 'can't check your online inventory' crap, i would have never continued getting dlcs when i could scrounge up the money. Now it takes all the stuff I've had from the beginning for years, AND all the new stuff and changes everything. Takes it all away, loses years of work and blueprints, old saves i had with my boys before i lost 2 of them. Things i can't get back.

I think they need stop messing around and put it all back. Now. My outfits, my armor skins, my saves online and offline, and stop making what was good potential and turning into an EA money-whore, who doesn't care about the gamers who support them and "pay their bills" as was also mentioned, and make the game a GAME not a damn illegal immigrant lockdown issue. Give us our crap back.

You have the offline mode, if some pirate tries to steal stuff offline, you can't stop them. But if they get online and your system says 'you didn't pay for that, you can't use it online', fine. Don't cut the legs out from under the rest of us like you did with the batteries. Just because somebody was breaking down the batteries that lost their charge and rebuilt them for extra power, don't REMOVE POWER CELLS COMPLETELY like ASSHOLES and claim it was too keep people from "cheating" by using the system you gave them. Make "new" or "charged" cells (never been used) and "dead" or "recycled" cells that are the same part but no power even after you break them down and rebuild. JUST LIKE O2/H2 TANKS. You should NOT turn the heavy and expensive resource item into scrap that can't be replaced just cause you needed to move a battery that didn't place right. Like the tanks, make them without charge if you have to.

Stop doing more and more creative stupidity and blaming the players. There will always be bad people out there. You will never be rid of them, but you can sure as hell burn the supporters until your the next has-been that went under over the dumbest crap.

People support companies they love. You're lose long-time supporters with this crap. I've been supporting Keen for years, pitching it to many others. But right now it's unbearable and likewise im telling everybody i come across. Support your supporters or pack up and disappear. I hate dishonest people stabbing their fans in the back for being there while criminals still exploit and steal no matter what you do to the honest ones. If you give them the full game content downloaded and they know how to unlock it, that's on you. If you require them to only download once your account had officially paid and confirmed, that's fine. But stop stealing from people who paid you for a product and service in the name of 'security against thieves'. That makes YOU one, and the pirates still have what they want. The rest of us honest people don't.


It's the best way to support Keen team! No one will do anything for free! Everyone need to eat and pay bills that all cost money.


IF you're offline Steam can't confirm that you own the DLCs. It's not Keen, it's Valve, and it's actually a good thing.


No idea why people encourage this. Likely because it doesn't effect them and they dont give a shit.

If it was an issue with steam then character skins wouldnt work either, but they do. Only armor skins are lost.

If they are not available offline then I will never buy them. Simple as that.

I paid for the skins I do have and cannot access them. That is real shady.


Maybe if you hadn't put your worst possible fanfiction-writing skills into your post, more people would actually take the time to see whether your issue actually applies to them, too, in a vote-worthy fashion no less, hint-hint. Perhaps then it would have transpired more readily that the thing you're actually giving feedback about is the lack of reliability of true offline play.

Alas, here we are, you declaring the game to be so utterly unplayable and Keen to be so dreadfully tyrannical and exploitative that the whole universe might as well die in some sort of quantum extinction event. Oh, the humanity.

(Also, it's "affect", not "effect".)

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