Unable to use DLC when offline

Elspeth shared this feedback 2 months ago

First off, I fully understand that Keen does not view this as a problem. However, as the person who paid for both the base game AND the DLC I do. I own all the DLC, however when I am offline I can't use them.

On the store page for Space Engineers the following information is listed regarding an internet connection: "No internet connection needed for single player, but for multiplayer we recommend 5Mbit/s or more". This information is the same on the pages for all the DLC. Well I have a single player offline world and I can't use all of the content I paid for.

When I looked into this issue, all I have seen as a reply from Keen is "play online". Keen, you need to understand that not everyone has internet all the time. There are a lot of people who do not have a strong reliable internet connection 24/7.

I moved to someplace where I can't get internet so all I have is the hot spot from my smartphone, which is not very strong. I will still play Space Engineers, thankfully the modders are making great things all the time and I can get mods to work online. What I will not do is buy anymore DLC or any other games from Keen. I feel that if you make something that requires an internet connection to be used you should tell people that upfront.

This is just my option, thanks for reading.

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I would have to agree with the previous comments, why doesn't the DLC which has been paid for work offline. I have a ton of other games on steam with DLC which work fine offline. Whats up with that?