Two issues left about WHEELS: low torque and unlimited suspension travel

Thales Miletos shared this feedback 22 months ago

A month ago I created a feedback topic in the support forum about wheels:

Now I'm happy to see that wheel power usage is now much higher in the public beta build. But wheel torque is still not enough to haul heavy cargo.

Firstly, in my opinion wheels in Space Engineers are the efficient way of transportation in high gravity environment. Because, flying with millions of kg cargo would require an expensive ship and power/fuel. So I expect that wheels should fit in this role.

I use my large block 8-wheeled truck to test:

- Empty mass is 350 tons.

- Has one large cargo container.

- Total mass is 4000 tons when its filled with ore in realistic settings.

Eight 3x3 wheels can't even produce enough power to move it on semi-flat ground. Shouldn't 8 wheels capable of moving 1 large cargo container full of ore?


This is my truck that I'm testing right now:

The second issue: Unlimited suspension travel.

There has to be a minimum suspension travel limit that can be adjustable or not. Because currently wheel suspension has 100% freedom and when one wheel hits a small bump that is high enough to move wheel suspension upside 100%, wheel block gets destroyed along with several nearby blocks. To prevent this I have to use very hard suspension strenght that's not good for vehicles and makes suspension useless.

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I agree. Having to add thrusters for more power is just ridiculous. Maybe add a HIGH Output suspension that costs more PCU is the trade-off. I would even accept that they draw more power, get up to speed slower, and are governed to a lower top speed capability. Like I say, it is just inelegant to have to add thrusters to get the hauling power needed. It causes designs to be less realistic.