Tweak rotor & piston head so i can see its orientation

Marek Buchar shared this feedback 4 months ago

because if i try to attach missaligned (aka rotated 90°, 180° or 270°) head then whole 'head grid' will instantly rotate to be aligned with 'base grid' which usualy leads to explosion ...

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Look closer:


Also, the head grid should only then violently rotate when rotor lock is set in the rotor base, otherwise the rotor base quietly adopts the head's rotation even when attached outside the current rotation limits.

As for reattaching piston heads, I just tested this, and found that,

  1. reattaching requires mods anyway (Piston head tools and/or BuildVision),
  2. reattaching a rotated piston head does not rotate the entire grid but only the piston head on that grid to match the piston base's rotation.

So, not sure what violent rotation you'd have been observing with reattaching to pistons.

That said, yes, it would be nice if those markers were much more noticeable. They're faint enough as they are. Trying to see them when they're ghosted (as in, when you're about to place them, hint, hint) is next to impossible unless looked at nose-touchingly close.


didnt know about rotor head line


1. yea .. im using BuildVision to attach piston head

2. simple example how to achieve explosion

a. build 2 pistons in row, extend second one to 9.7m

b. merge block first piston to second piston head (use armor to connect them)

c. dettach second piston from its head, and grind it down

d. build third piston in same place as second, but rotated 90°, remove its head

e. extend third piston to 9.7m and attach to head from second -> head will try rotate but cannot, because it is same grid as first piston -> in my test third piston and ~40m of conveyor belt on opposite side of my ship exploded