Turrets (Gatling Turrets) Need a (longer?) Wind-Up Period

Elor Yosnak shared this feedback 2 years ago

Gatling Turrets currently see something, and shoot it dead. One hit for a player, and it feels like three for a small ship.

A short, 1 to 3 second wind up period, and perhaps a 1 to 3 wind down would help the situation massively. It would also allow for a ship or player to escape a situation that they had accidentally entered, as there is currently no way to know that you are in range of an enemy turret other than to get shot by it.

Even better, this wind up period would allow for hit and run tactics to be effective, a small ship with decent armour/design could either do a strafing run, or could even try an orbiting manoeuvre.

This would not make turrets no longer a threat, especially with a short wind down period after stopping fire meaning that a small ship needs to be very careful with attacking a large one, but it does not mean that the small ship is useless. And that... That would be nice.

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If you think this is a good idea, please check out the link below. It's a more complete description of what I think could be a game changing overhaul, and it's in much the same vein as this.https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/turretlarge-versus-small-ship-fixes-and-targeting-based-on-power-output

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