Tooltips: The death of my sanity

Loptyeir shared this feedback 4 months ago

The tooltips that come up in the top right-hand corner of the screen when cycling through the UI options (commonly with TAB) need to have an option in the game settings to be permanently disabled. I've come across entire threads on steam about how annoying they are, especially if you're a player like me who frequently cycles through having the UI on and off. It's just a small quality of life feature, but it would considerably help my mental health, because after 1.506 hours I do in fact know how to use a welder, grinder, Gatling gun, rocket launcher, etc. This is clearly a small issue, but I know I am not alone. :)

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Oh, we've been asking for years on the various support forums; they can't monetise that suggestion/request however so they ignore it.

...or can they? £3.99 and you'll get a dlc pack that allows you to turn off tool-tips, turn off lightning damage without disabling weather completely, and adjust tool/weapon volume without needing a mod...