Tools, Their upgrades & Hotbar faff!

Rex Thornwood shared this feedback 21 months ago

Okay, I like that we have tiered tools, and I like their costs/availability... What i do not like is the need to switch my hotbar out everytime I either die or gets an upgrade!

- So I propose that the hotbar uses the highest tiered tool available, so you don't have to faff about..

I know that there will be times when you are trying to surgically remove a certain block on your small grid, and the use of an elite grinder isn't a good idea... but i'd rather have to dump my elite grinder on the floor, grind (using the basic grinder already in my inventory) and pick up my elite grinder again, than have to always faff with my goddamn hotbar...

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Whilst this isn't a 'huge problem' in my books. It's definitely something that could easily be implemented to help the overall polish of the game.

Nice suggestion. 👍


I'd suggest leaving the rifle out of it due to the multiple versions...

But certainly "Pick the best version of this tool that I'm carrying" would be the ideal solution... maybe as a secondary effect, if you press the same key again, it should move to the next-best? That would allow you to carry multiple versions for specialist use, but not have to worry for normal use - just pick them up, press the key and go.


Should be an easy Quality of Life improvement to add.