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Tokamak Fusion Reactor

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Not Enough Votes

EU Is building its ITER Tokamak

China launched its "artificial sun"

Let us have one too.

I propose a new block, fusion reactor that uses hydrogen to create energy. That would help reduce our dependancy on uranium, and since we alredy have hydrogen ingame...why not.

Vote pls. If we get enough votes we might see this ingame.

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Your proposal is for a reactor that uses early-game fuel and (presumably) provides more power than the reactor that uses late-game fuel and is the current premier power source.

Even if fusion reactors produced the same amount of power as the current reactors, why would anyone bother with Uranium and the current reactors, if they could just build reactors that consume hydrogen? Why would anyone bother with hydrogen engines if they can build a reactor that takes the same fuel and produces far more power?


B-cos a uranium reactor would use less fuel, but the fuel itself is harder to find, while fussion reactor would require a lot more of fuel, which would need to be produced from ice, which is easier to find.

It could be balanced in a way, either one option would have its good and bad sides.

Kinda like hydrogen and ion are now, ions need a power source and thrusters, while hydrogen also needs tanks, a lot of storage for ice, H2O2 generators.

Hyrogen takes up a lot more space, but can work in atmosphere, while ions cant.

I simply propose more, fun options, thats all.


You could also add a power start requirement, wherein you'd need to actually dump power into the reactor to start it. Actual TOKAMAKs require loads of power to start and sustain the reaction. This way, you'll need the standard uranium reactors just to get the power to start the fusion reactors.


"fussion (sic) reactor would require a lot more of fuel, which would need to be produced from ice, which is easier to find"

This is mechanically equivalent to the hydrogen engine. Your proposal will render obsolete either the current reactors, or the hydrogen engine. Possibly both. This will reduce options, not increase them.

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