Tiered Suits to Match Tiered Tools/Guns

Charles Braden shared this feedback 2 years ago

We've had tiered tools and guns for ages. I'd like to see an option to make a better suit.

They could be changed at the Medbay as usual but the better the suit, the more resources it would cost and the longer it would take to make after the build order is submitted. Examples:

1) Solar suit. This suit costs Silicon Ingots, a Computer, a Power Cell and a Solar Cell to make. Essentially recharges the power in the suit when the engineer is in sunlight. The recharge would NOT be fast, basically just enough to maintain power if you're doing no work, just walking around (I got this idea when I found that I needed multiple recharge point inside a large base just to take a tour through it).

2) Armored suit. This one costs a Steel Plate, a Metal Grid and Iron Ingots. This suit would increase the engineer's Health maximum. Great for assaulting an enemy ship. Might reduce movement.

3) Cargo suit. This suit requires an Interior plate and a piece of Canvas. This suit trades carrying capacity for power. oxygen and hydrogen storage. Best for riding around in a vehicle that maintains all of those things, but when you have to jump in and out to fix things.

Many of the parts of the game have upgradable systems (light armor to heavy, basic production to more advanced, etc), yet the suit stays the same. I think it's time this changed.

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More horizontal variety in suits would be neat indeed.

I once suggested modules to the game, but that was 3 years ago https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/module-socket-based-suit-customization.7378149/

So long there is no dull vertical only progression where one variant is clearly better than another, i'd always welcome it. If it is just "make it T1, T2, T3 where Tn+1 is better than Tn", then i am against it as it only just leads to a straight "power escalation" and make achieving the last tier mandatory without offering any variation to the game.

That's also my big grief with the introduction of the trivial and boring tool tiers. They dont add anything to the games gameplay and old tiers are all obsolete.