Thrusters should prioritize thrust against gravity or those damping when overloaded

Gwindalmir shared this feedback 5 years ago

I saw this idea on the KCN tutorial stream, so I don't claim credit for the idea.

Here's a common state that's frustrating, particularly for new players or inexperienced ones:

You build a new mining ship: It hovers perfectly fine, but as soon as you move forward, it drops, possibly even crashing. Or worse, it flew perfectly, until you mined, then it started to fail as it got overloaded with ore.

This is due to power overload. Thrusters are drawing more power than there is output. In addition, the power is evenly shared among all active thrusters on a grid.

Power is siphoned away from the most critical thrusters, those keeping you from crashing into the ground, and diverted to thrusters to move you laterally.

If there is an overload situation, I'd like to improve the odds of my ship not crashing into the planet. So, I'd much rather limp forward at a much slower rate of acceleration, as long as it means my "hovering" thrusters will be able to maintain my altitude.

Alternatively, this could be phrased "Prioritize thrusters which are applying dampening, ie. not under manual control". This would make sure the prioritization works regardless of orientation, and in space.

Obviously, if the thrusters can't maintain altitude at idle, the ship will crash, I'm not asking for that to be altered. Just the power distribution of thrusters. If there's no available power to move laterally, then I guess I'm staying still! :-D

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As a player who flies stuff in SE, I would prioritize that my engine power goes to whatever direction I am manually applying thrust to, rather than whichever way dampers chose to put my engine power, because I trust that I have better situational awareness than the dampers do (and if I am dropping too hard, I can always manually apply downwards thrust).


Well, yes and no, dampers can go over a 100% thrush. This for the inexperienced is the diference between crash and stop in time, if anything I would like being able to change the priority. Maybe a chekbox on the info tab of the grid. Something along the lines of:

-Dampeners Priority: [X]

So when checked, the trusters being comanded by the dapeners have priority of energy consuption, and when not, everyone is the same.


I agree with the checkbox idea because I would hate to have no option but to have the simplistic dampers take priority over my evasive maneuvers in hazardous situations.


To me that sounds more like you need learn to bloody coast with your dampers off instead of always holding the direction key you want to go, which not only wastes energy once you reach speed cap but also looks super stupid as you stutter and jerk across the sky like a bloody learner driver who's afraid of the accelerator.

Put lateral thrusters in a group and keep them switched off during cruise. Activate them only for close manoeuvering, even have a group of smaller or fewer thrusters on a toggle for fine control.

"git gud"

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