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Loloju shared this feedback 3 months ago

1 - Sandbox elements

Sandbox elements are very good and are most likely the selling fact in this game, although there are some missing mechanics that could be added to enhance the gameplay. These mechanics are completely subjective and are only my opinion. That being said, mentioned mechanics are as followings;

* ores, stone, ice.. things that are gathered with drills/things that are gathered from fluid mesh voxels (planets, asteroids etc.) would be collected directly and would turn back to fluid mesh voxel form which; would enable a level of sandboxing other than grids, would give the opportunity to "REshape" the surface to the players and could help get a bit of performance boost due to it getting rid of some entity waste.

* microgrid placement ability for ONLY certain blocks so players can add a level of detail mainly for the interiors of ships and stations. Could be used for some detailing on exterior as well. (Can be released as DLC,if made: would need modding support)

2 - Survival elements

Survival elements as far as i saw were "poor" at its best. The whole progression mechanics and survival kit update were pretty nice tweaks for the survival side of the game however, the game lacks many mechanics that would make the game ideal to play and enjoyable by community, it would also support the sandbox elements as in its current state building something is basically just to build "stuff" because survival is too easy. With suggested mechanic updates it would change from "building to build" to "building to survive". Suggestions are as followings;

* Hunger, Thirst update so players would go out of their bases to search for meat/vegetables/fruits and not only to "build". This can also be used as an opportunity to add animal diversity, preys and predators not to be trifled with.

* Ability to survive to an extend without ship. Basically tweaks for drops from Unknown signals. (for hardcore play or after crashing and such.)

3 - UI elements

UI elements are "fairly good enough" for the game but can use some small tweaks and an update to complement the game. My suggestions are;

* Opening tabs with a one button menu (preferably radial menu) to tidy keybinding complications.

* Viewing with alt should reset after the button is released, tapped or "held down without mouse input"(<- most unlikely).

* Relative crosshair (dot like when building and cross like(dynamic) when using rifle).

* Ability to organize control panel via filters and folders to sort blocks ship wise, room wise and/or group wise other than being have to rename the blocks and/or add prefixes/suffixes which would have made it even harder to keep track of.

4 - Combat elements

I dont even know what to say about current combat mechanics. rifle combat feels like there is not even a combat whatsoever. Its plain, lacks the feeling and sensation of firing a gun, only has one kind of weapon, shoulder positioning doesn't feel right, doesn't have a recoil system and a reloading system with animation even though with DLCs we get new animations. Ship side combat is a lot better and i can only think of some tweaks and one update about it. Improving these in my opinion would advance mainly the pvp side as well as pve of the game to a new era so to speak. My suggestions are;

* Character combat overhaul (Dynamic Crosshair rifle,pistol combat, Reload system, Recoil system, shoulder position correction)

* Rifles,Weapons variations DLC (Character and ship)

* Seeking missiles and countermeasures.

* Reload or overheating for gatling guns,turrets.

* (PVE)Ai driven astronauts which defend stations (Should be able to pathfind correctly).

5 - Controls

Controls are well done in my opinion and only need minor attention. Still there are two or three suggestions i'd like to mention which i addressed below;

* Ability to change mouse bindings so preferred players can use the mouse as a regular plane yoke. (mouse roll instead of mouse yaw)

* Relative max speed

* Flight stick (yoke) support.

These are all the suggestions i would like to mention and i honestly think it would make a significant difference and keep the game alive and active for quite a long time. I hope it can get the attention of both the community and the developers. Thank you for reading and thank you for your time.

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This is not the first time something like this has been suggested. Not the first time this has been ignored.