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Morávek shared this feedback 9 months ago

Hello everyone,

I am bringing some thinks that I recommend to SE.

I will descibe these thinks in points, not text. So that idea are open.

The main think to change is game engine. With better engine it can be really interesting, just imagine servers with hundreds players in the one world.. building, fighting and trading together.

1) new game engine

2) extension of solar system - more planets, more moons, bigger distances - example: one big planet with two moons, place in space where is lots of small asteroids - asteroid belt

- Stationary sun

- Rotation of planets around their axis, rotation of moons around mother planets

- wreckage of ships and old stations

3) extendable spacesuit - exosceleton

- updating with modules - durability (HP), volume of oxigen or hydrogen and more

- 4 power versions - basic spacesuit, basic exosceleton, advanced exo. and ELITE exo. (0/5/10/15 slots for updates)

- every better spacesuit has impact to effectiveness of hand tools (1x,1.2x,1.4x,1.5x)

4) performance versions for active parts - basic, improved and ELITE

- example: Drill, guns, antena, thrusters, engines, reactors, solar panels, turbines, wheels, welder...

- possible differencies: more HP, effectiveness, fuel saving, power, storage space, speed...

- ELITE versions should be available only from trader factions by missions, trading OR finding in the wreckages in the space - better using of datapads

5) More size versions of blocks

- laser drill, torpedos, guided missiles, Rotors 3x3 with more gates, plasma guns, Antiair guns, electromagnetic cannons, big windturbines, fuse reaktor, shields generators, H2O2 generator, propeller engines (like helicopters), Atmosferic-hydrogen thrusters, Wings, Pulse thrusters - advanced type of thrusters which you can use anywhere with big power but hard to build and hard to find blueprint, Tank tracks, more wheels (1x1,2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5 + possible to double them), disposable powerful thrusters for solid fuel, solar panels

- Hydrogen thrusters should use oxigen and hydrogen

- universal tanks - player can choose what should be in the tank - oxigen, hydrogen, helium 3, water and more sizes - 1x1 1x2 3x3 3x5 5x5

- lower cargo volume, more versions 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5, If you create group with cargos and set "share volume" then you will find in the inventory only this group with very big volume - this makes inventory much more easy to use

- pistons should have easier calculating - can not bend, only moving in X axis

6) Air resistance

- according to height, speed and the size of the perpendicular profile to the motion vector

- example: to 30m/s no air resistance - easier calculating

- no impact of shape of ships, only profile

7) better informations on HUD

- density of air, speed m/s and km/h

- statistics of components - durability, weight, power, energy input/output, effectiveness...

8) IN-game scripts - basic scripts for players

- rotor turrets, soalr panels, drones, support for gyroscopes by thrusters, controlling thrusters for weight balancing for sub-grids, overview of individual groups (generators, batteries...), manual driving of all automatic guns, equally distribution of weight between the cargos and more...

9) Greater diversity

- Copper, carbon, wolfram, aluminium

- more types of components, advanced components - supercapacitors, superwires, wires, electronics, supercomputers, advanced bulletproof glass

- construction components should be used only one-time, If grinding some parts, you will not get it back

10) Automatic generating of planets? - every word can have different planets

11) Multiplayer - a part for calculations for servers should be done in the player's computer

12) Refineries - iron ore -> iron ingot + stone

13) Change of collisions shapes of grids

14) LCD panels - views from cameras, volumes, statistics...

15) Conveyor group

- Sorter without inventory volume

- advanced sorter with more power do drain materials

- more versions of length of tubes - 1,3,5

- Smart cargo - cargo where you can set a volumes for choosed materials, example: only 300 steel plates, 100 const. comp. 200 interiro plates - setting drain all

16) Ore detector

- bigger distance

- possible to set o volumes of ore deposits

17) Rotor + hinge - visual differencies between left and right sides, Rotor - reverse rotating (not reverse elevation)

18) No fire in the space

19) Traders and pirates (factions)

- more activity of UI, with the time they have more powerful ships

- when players are completing tasks -> If there is connected ship It is in the menu on the first place to choose inventory

- Names of individual stations of same faction

- player can mark station for completing tasks

20) Smart building - When you are building some parts (tubes, modules, armor), they will automaticaly connect shapes or outputs/inputs

21) Projector - Projector can automaticaly save choosed grid in real time, meanwhile can be set to "mirror mod",when it will project mirrored parts which are added by a player, player must set mirror planes

Excuse my english and thank you for voting up ;)

Files: GM.pptx

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Well... HZ. Most likely, this idea will be rejected because the effort will be comparable to working on a new game.


Especially the 'stationary sun' idea. Imagine taking a pool with floaties it in. And spining it around at any given point. The edge, the center, whatever. And trying to keep EVERYTHING in it, the floaties, the water, the people inside, all in the same place. Or even let them move around in a PERFECT CIRCLE, or only near perfect circle, around said point. Adding differing velocities to each floaty and very erratic and constantly changing velocities to the people. Try and make that all stay perfect without anything going off in an unexpected way.