the game is broken again after the apparent fix after the update for crossplay

Mister ADHD shared this bug 8 months ago
Not a Bug

it needs fixing i am paying a lot of money for my server and everybody has almost left, you have not fixed the game all you care about now is xbox and that version is terrible, i have it...besides the point i want my money back this happens to much ive wasted so much money now on 2 servers the first time was a simple fix that non of your staff could tell me its not even on the support page lol i had to tell over 400 people, its getting a beyond a joke now and kienata/erin, he is a thorn in my side what is his issue? he should help customers not give them attitude, its not us who made the game, we are your loyal customers i want to make a complaint and so do over 20 other of my players on my server, thats the attitude i get i have attached the small convo he has the worst attitude ever and ive never had any problems with any game its actually damn right crazy, you break a game you should prepare fot frustrated loyal customers not lie to them, he proved that he never paid attention to the last many convos we had because i founnd the fix he just told me to update him if i found something i have every email still for proof, i wont stop until you find a fix or pay me my losses, i will even grant you remote access of my pc so you can see the crash live....and i have tried everything, deleted cache, all teh folders reinstalled the game ive actually lost cound now, its wasting my time fixing a broken game its liek you do not care about the pc version focus all yuour efforts on teh xbox version which nobody even plays :/ the reviews for that version are a tragedy but you are caring too much about money instead of the actual game, i know this for a fact want proof, because hundreds of people think the same way as me, its on your support page lol dont repkly sarcasm either you need to find me a fix i have done wasting my time looking through hundreds of other peoples complaints looking for a fix, there is non because it is a brand new problem caused by the brand new anti fix that came after the dreaded crossplay update, that crossplay update broke my server where we had to reset everything and remove about 30 mods and the sim speed went 0.50 so players left and then now the dreaded after fix broe my game and i have done evrything, i have repeated that so you do not send me to the support page again oits insulting because obviously thats teh first place i go, by the way i am higer function autism NOT STUPID LIKE KIENATA THINKS THST WHY HE SENDS ME THERE EVEN THOUGH HE SHOULD KNOW IVE BEEN THERE FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING, THEN I GO TO STEAM, THEN THIS IS MY LAST RESORT....I HAVE LOST SO MUCH MONEY WASTING IT ON MY SERVERS WHERE I HAVE TO CANCEL THEM, LOOKS LIKE I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN AND I JUST RENEWS IT A WEEK AGO, £80 A MONT I PAY AND YOUR GAME HAS MADE ME BROKE I CANT EVEN BUY A NEW GAME TO REPLACE THIS TRAGEDY OF A GAME, I NEED A FIX DESPERATLY HOW CAN YOU ALL JUST SIT THERE AND IGNORE HUNDREDS OF POELE, WHAT IS A SUPPORT PAGE WHERE YOU DO NOT SUPPORT ANYBODY THEY ALL GET FIXES FROM EACH OTHER :/ THATS BAD CUSTOMER SERVIVE I NEED A FIX ASAP OR MONEY BACK