The ability to replace blocks without disconnecting sections.

Isaac Fry shared this feedback 3 years ago

Sometimes I get into a situation where I need to replace a block, but in order to do so it would tear a chunk off of the grid. A common occurrence of this involves merge blocks.

It would be really useful if you could somehow mark a block to be replaced with another block. It could be as simple as just holding a button that lets you place a block in the place of the block you are looking at, with some sort of transparent guide you can see inside the block to see the orientation of the block you are placing.

Once you have done this, grind it down to the lowest state (with some protection to make sure you don't grind it to nothing by accident, perhaps just don't let you unless you hold down grind for an extra couple of seconds) and then weld it back up into the new block you want.

For blocks that are larger than 1x1 you could mark each 1x1x1 spot inside it to be replaced before you grind it down.

In creative you could just press a button to replace blocks you have marked instantly.

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I'm sorry, but I can't vote for this. This is something that you can usually fairly easily work around by placing scaffolding, and I for one like that.


Sure it's something that you can 'usually' work around. However, there have been many occasions where I've had to try and replace the block attached to a rotor/piston head. It's not possible to do so without losing the whole subgrid, particularly if it can't be pasted back on in any way due to the janky pasting hitboxes or lack of space at the right angle. This has cost me significant amounts of time and effort just to rebuild what I already had.


If not for survival, at least implement it in creative.