The ability to highlight / mark a block from the control panel

Juksefantomet shared this feedback 2 years ago

Once in awhile, you notice something off about a block in your control panel overview, now if this is let's say 1 out of 40 cargos, then locating that cargo is not really easy if you're in the buildphase or you haven't named it and know exactly where it is.

If you need to remove / alter / interact with it, being able to mark it with a color from the control panel would be very nice.

This would highlight the block with set color when observing from the outside giving you the exact location. This is not to be confused with painting as this would be temporary, let's say for 5 minutes or until destroyed / toggled off.

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I am not part of Keen.

If the ship has an antenna, you can select your block and activate "Show on HUD" which will show the location of the block until you deactivate "Show on HUD".

If this function helps you, great and problem solved. If it doesn't, it would be helpful to Keen to show how a different approach would work better than what they have already done.


Yeah, being able to do it with the antenna is nice and all, and does work. However I'd like to be able to use the info window, or maybe "paint" the block from the terminal. But this is pretty low on my list. While a good suggestion, I'd prefer to see other reworks.

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