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BlacK|HaraZ shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hey guys.

At first: SE has made a big step to become a "survival" game. Really nice.

I understand that the suit needs more power in heatless areas. Life support is a real power guzzler. I love it.

But let me suggest to add some "batterypaks" you can craft to get more power with you for the suit. It's the same procedure like hydrogen- and oxygenbottles. It increase your H2/O2 but decrease your free space from character a lot.

Maybe you can recharge the batterypacks at a large/small-grid battery (not small battery) and or at the other powergenerators.

Oh yeah. And one thing that it needs to become a "real" survival game: Food/drinking (hunger/thirst) and maybe that you have to rest sometimes. I would welcome such a feature.

Keep it up and and thanks for the effort to read my feedback.



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>advanced future supertech like jumpdrive and medbays and gravigens

>dying because "supersmart engineers" literally cant ducttape smol solar panel at back of their backpack to allow slow recharge when stationary in direct sunlight, in open space where sunlight is free energy for everyone

is this the real life?


No this is just fantasy. Just be careful you don't get caught in a landslide as there is no escape from reality... ;-D


Negatively impacting features that have no way to be mitigated in-game, are cruel. The only thing you can do to compensate for temperature is to pressurize a room, which makes it rather unpleasant to build a pressurized structure before you have one. Even then, in some circumstances you are generating enough Air to breathe, but not to be able to pressurize a room. The amount of O2 required to fill 1 cm /3 would be 1/4 to be able to have Pure Oxygen where is the rest of the gasses that make up "Air" , such as 78.09% nitrogen. Battery packs would be nice to have, But there should also be a way to add remove heat in a small exterior area. Something like this but that can accept a suit bottle of Hydrogen which should cover an area about 3.5x3.5x3.5x Large blocks.

Then there's this for cooling.

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