Text to Speech Integration for Sound Blocks

Yllaina shared this feedback 15 months ago

I saw that this had been suggested a couple years ago and subsequently declined at the time, but it had a lot of interest and could be a very interesting feature. The ability to make specific messages/warnings for sound blocks (I think especially for use with air vents to announce decompression) would be really cool, especially if it could have the same toolbar utilization as the Run command on Programmable Blocks, where different commands/lines of text can be sent to a given block through the toolbar. There's all kinds of potential uses that could have both practical uses and improve immersion, and it's something I'd love to see in the game.

I don't know why it was turned down originally, whether it was just a matter of studio resources needed elsewhere or it being more difficult to build a text-to-speech engine than it's worth, but it was mentioned by Keen that it could show up as DLC content so I figured I'd drop it again to drum up support, because I'd be more than willing to pay for that ability.

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I would like to see this or a dedicated sound file for an airlock cycle.


Yeah, just having a larger list of lines to call on would also be good. There's just very little to use at the moment