Temperature system toggle.

Pyrald Lystent shared this feedback 20 months ago

An advance world settings toggle to enable/disable the temperature system.

I appreciate that there is an added gameplay mechanic, but to me, it feels redundant, is another reason to stare at the med station console for what feels like a long time, and could be more finely tuned.

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I dont want to make up another thread as I think the problem I have is related to this thread, since it mentions the solution I tried to fix somethings up for myself.

I don't know if the temperature feature was disabled in the last public test, but when I started a survival game on that version, it didn't display the temperature on the HUD. Since I already built a quite good base completing a refinery and assembler, located directly on an ice lake, I didnt want to restart from scratch again and just transferred the save over into the survival overhaul version. Everything looked fine, I got some ladders set up, until I realised that there was something missing on the HUD. So I went back into the menu and save editor to tick in the temperature feature, finding out, that it is not there. So I tried toggling both Oxygen and Airthighness as I thought Temperature is related to both of them, but unfortunatelly it didnt fix it.