Temperature has no purpose because Players can't manage it.

Geneticus0 shared this feedback 4 years ago

The heat mechanic should be turned upside down.

Heat should be based on partly external temperature and partially based on local heatsinks/heat sources like Ice voxels, shade, or tunneling underground. Pressurized environments natural and Artificial should lead to more heat retention. The color chosen for a suit or skin should absorb more heat Heat, the darker it is. from Machinery in an enclosed space (like a tunnel) should cause a cumulative heat build up to a point to actually raise the temperature in an area. For it to be manageable there should be a heat pump blocks to increase/decrease the heat level in a radius outside, or an entire grid, when inside. Heat, too much or too little, should just cause you to use O2 and energy faster and also add to the inaccuracy of rifle shots.

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I'm all for simulation, good systems will give us good emergent gameplay. But Space Engineer is not Dwarf Fortress, I think there's several literal truckloads of others things more important to implement or adjust, aren't they? ;)



you might be intrested of my idea about temperature differences along the planet. Check this out please

[Public Test] Improved temperature calculation


Also add the heat mechanic to specific blocks, I would add them to:




Weapons/ship tools


I would then expand the "Add-on module" system for these blocks by adding ports to those that have none, and adding "Add-on modules" to be heat sinks and radiators. You could have several types, one that uses electricity and gas compression like refrigerators, one that uses raw ice, one weak one that uses simple radiation and is more effective in atmosphere, etc.

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