Take over NPC stations

Waagenator shared this feedback 5 months ago

Here's the idea.

Players should be able to 'take control' of the NPC stations, and take ownership of it for a limited period, with various benefits.


- I propose that each station has a weekly timer, where each station is vulnerable to 'capture' for a specific time period. For example, one particularly station may be vulnerable each Monday between 3 - 4 PM UTC. Each station would have a different time. During this time the safe zone will not be present.

During that time, players can try to capture or defend their station, through either a "king of the hill" method, or simply a terminal inside the station which must be hacked. If your faction is the only one in the zone when the timer ends, then you take control of that station.


A few big benefits IMO

- Passive generation of income or zone chips

- Set prices or missions

- Opportunity for fair and consensual PVP


I think this is a great opportunity for added gameplay to the public servers. This will create a concept of 'territory' that you can attack or defend. Think about spending a week planning and building to attack a particular station, space or ground. The players who want more player interaction will have the opportunity, those that don't want to participate won't have to.

Let me know your thoughts.