Survival mechanics - suit rebalance

Arnold Flaska shared this feedback 2 months ago

I think the standard space suit supports way too much function by default. It has a built in oxygen/ hydrogen storage, battery. It also has antenna, and flashlight. I think the current suit should be a high tier spacesuit, an item, that's craftable, and which you can lose on dieing, and there should be a "default" one, which needs modules to earn functionalities. (medical components for oxygen support, radio communication components for suit antenna and marking your bag on death, gravity generator components for magnetic boots, maybe some kind of flashlight item for headlights, thruster components for jetpack, you need to have oxygen bottles, hydrogen bottles, and batteries to define your suit's capacity - no default storage for these). The respawn blocks could have inventory slots for only these components, and allow spawning with them (taking the components from its inventory and putting them on you). The suit could have some "equipment slots" for these, and also has a durability mechanic on them (not draining on time, but randomly destroying modules on them when taking damage - each loses its functionality instantly, except life support, which causes rapid oxygen consumption till replaced).

Why would this be good for the game?

1. Most of the "components" i'm talking about are already in the game, they would just have some extra functionalities on suits. So from development side this is simply just adding some if conditions, that checks if an item is present in the special inventory slot, if it's there it enables the functionality, that is already present in the game, otherwise it's disabled.

2. Randomly damaging suit parts, or going to places unprepared could create dynamic challenges, and unique encounters to otherwise plain situations. It would make creating stories, and challenges ingame more easier than modding it in, or relying on a game master, and server settings. It would be a more dynamic experience.

3. Balancing your weight with functionality is part of engineering your equipment to situations.

You can have a fully functional suit, with plenty of backups and spare bottles and batteries, but you'll sacrifice your inventory space for that. That setup is good if you explore something, and you can't predict what will happen (extra oxygen/hydrogen/battery for longer expeditions, spare equipment in case of recieving damage, etc). You can sacrifice antennas and mag boots when you gather ores to have more space for mining. You can remove life support, antenna, flashlight and jetpack when you walk around/weld/move stuff between containeers in a pressurized base, so you can carry more components, and thus reduce your time spent refilling your bag.

4. This changes could open up "classes" ingame. I mean, deciding your setup could define your role. For example, you are a miner, you don't have antennas, and mag boots, but you have plenty of life supports, batteries, and stuff since you are working on asteroids for prolonged times. You can be a medic, carrying spare life support modules, health kits, and oxygen for others. You might be a soldier, who tries to keep his suit's cost low, yet having enough to be effective. You might be an engineer, who tries to maximize his carry capacity to suit more components, while leaving the radio communication, and other necessary stuff to others.

5. I know this creates situations when you feel annoyed, or trapped by mechanics, but it's also part of the experience. For example, you might lose your flashlight due to a turret, in a place where its dark, so you can't do anything anymore. Or you can't respawn on your ship, since the medical bay is not pressurized and you don't have respawn gears in it. Or only the medical bay is pressurized, but you don't have gear to move out from it.

But for every bad experience like this there is a good one: You might be boarding a ship with your team, and only one of you have flashlight, since the others lost it, so you move together, and rely on teamwork way more than normally. Or you might roleplay an emergency call, since you can't leave your ship, since you don't have life support gear on you. Or you might find a ship, that's not a wreckage, but it's abandoned, since folks can't respawn on it without gear. Or you might feel yourself an engineer god, since you prepared a systematic airlock, and spare gears in each "module" on your base in case of hull breach, so you can plan a survival strategy in case of a hull-breach and avoid unpressurized modules on your ship.

In short, this would open up variables that incites engineering, and clever planning and preparations.

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This. But specific equipment slots, instead of just components for generic ones.

In fact, if there were a machine for modifying suits, it would make the medbay's weird hollow standing area so much better because you could swap out suits from storage. And there would be an actual reason to swap out suits, because switching out the extra cargo space for a spare battery takes time. More if you need to swap out a full kit.

But imagine the possibilities:

Jetpack slot with hydro/atmo/ion jetpack modules, plus extra batteries/gases/storage/armor if you don't need those.

Systems slot, with a building module to highlight damaged/unfinished blocks and required components, targeting module for easy aiming, and the ore detector module. Maybe require an inertial damper module to use inertial dampers on jetpacks, to balance how OP flight is.

Probably a general suit module slot or two with stuff like mag boots, extra batteries/gases/storage/armor, and auto-heal.

There definitely needs to be a strong difference between carried items like bottles or power cells and modules. Maybe you need to actually use the items to recharge/refill things?