Survival kit (sm-g) "not ready"

Tyrone Olds shared this feedback 2 years ago

Pretty reliably, my small-grid survival kits stop working for no good reason. Most recently in a grid with full batteries, about 40 days worth of uranium, and a nearly full 02 tank attached. (if that makes any difference)

This has been observed on NA 4 and NA 11 this past week.

I'm a miser, so I like to leave my tools in cargo and log out in my suit so that my body dies and I don't have to worry about cryo and such. My theory is that when I do this next to my small grid survival kit, the grid goes "inactive" because noone is logged in nearby, and then when my body expires later, the nearest working survival kit is somewhere else, so my spawn point isn't properly set.

Still testing to see if respawning once next to the grid or logging out in its cockpit yields different results.

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Please close, I've submitted a proper bug with repro steps.