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Kezeslabas shared this feedback 3 years ago

So in the public test you could have used stone to get some basic ingots trough the Survival Kit, however I found that the basic progressing was a bit too slow.

At the start I did some modifications in the drop pod to make it able to fly and searched an Iron deposit with it. Even with that I couldn't use the Iron that I found until I have built a Basic Refinery, and 2 Wind Turbines to power it. It took a while until I got all the Iron that I needed for those by refining stone with the Survival Kit.

It felt so bad that I'm sitting on tons of Iron but I couldn't refine any of it for like 40 minutes while I gathered a bunch of stone to get, you know, Iron Ingots.

Iron is the most basic material that you need to get started, and you need a bunch of it. I think the Survival Kit should make Iron Ingots from Iron Ores, outside of Stone. That would be a great boost if you know what are you doing in the early game.

The Survival Kit could make Iron Ingots from Iron Ore with a lesser efficiency than Refinerys, yet in a more efficient way that doing it from Stone.


The Survival Kit should be able to make Iron Ingots from Iron Ore, because you need a bunch of it and making it from stone is a bit painful. Right now it takes way too much Stone to build your first Basic Refinery and power it.

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Well the easiest fix is a re-balance of the stone to iron ingot rate (and other basic ingots) to lessen the grind. Though I'm still at odds if this is too much of a grind or not. No need to make iron ore a special input for the survival kit.

However, isn't this (temporary useless iron ore) just a old-habit-dies-hard-in-new-circumstances problem? Next game start you'll know what NOT to do. The survivalkit just isn't designed to process ores, only stone.


I disagree with increasing the stone yield because it would apply in a large refinery with Yield Modules as well. Stone is supposed to be a way to get started, but not to be a viable method to replace refining Iron, Nickel, and Silicon.


There are a few options to approach this as well.

1. Iron, Nickel, and Silicon Ores could be added as-is to the Survival Kits.

2. They could be added to the survival Kits but not yield as much of each ingot in the SKIT.

3. They could be added to ONLY the Large Grid version of the SKIT.

  • Personally I would prefer something like this method as it forces players to make the tough choice, either spending more time to keep the lander intact and make it into a rover, or breaking it down to build a base to be able to refine the starter "Pure" ores. It might seem superficial, but SE is sadly lacking in choices that impact gameplay in +/- ways.

4. They could be combination of the above.


If the kit can pull these resources from stone, it should be able to pull them from ores. That is basic logic. Ores are nothing more then stone with a higher % of the resource.

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