Surface.DisplayName get() AND SET() PLEASE!!

HellArea shared this feedback 2 years ago

IMyTextSurface Interface
public interface IMyTextSurface

public string DisplayName { get; }
It's REALLY need to be { get; and set; } - many of script used Names as keywords (AutoLCD, Taledo, AQM and many many other)

This is very important property - make this great at starting.

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Yeah, I totally agree.

Right now, the only way for the users to set up a Programmable Block IngameScript for a Cockpit LCD, without risking interference between Scripts, is to make them configure that Script in the Code Editor and that's not user friendly.

The best way would be that if the player could rename the different LCD surfaces inside a cockpit, because that way the users could set up the IngameScripts more easily, and the Scripts could work without interfering with each other.


You can't edit them via terminal so what use is if a script can set it?