Suit Energy - Small Changes, Big Impacts! (>1.189)

Brenku shared this feedback 2 years ago

I noticed that when the suit loses energy completely, the engineer starts to suffocate immediately.

If I still have an oxygen tank/oxygen, why am I suddenly dying? Life support is gone?

No, I still have oxygen in the suit for a minute or two, plus a possible O2 tank as a backup.

Instead of suffocating the engineer at 'No Energy', I think it would be more immersive and fun, if the following would occur instead:

1). The suit is now out of energy. I'm stuck. I would need to call for help from another engineer to transfer power from his suit to mine. Allowing me to go get energy again. Realistically we wouldn’t be able to use our radios. However, we ‘break meta’ by talking in game chat anyway. So I think this is still fair. It would also be fun trying to convince people to come help if you were alone.

“No, it’s a trick, you’ll just kill me!”

2). Having a dynamic where it acts like it is 'over encumbered' like in Skyrim/Fallout/etc. The suit is now out of energy. I'm stuck. I always assumed (since we can carry so much weight) our suits are like mech/skeleton. Why not then, the engineer can move still, but can barely walk. You basically have time to get charge as long as your oxygen doesn't run out before then. But it's SLOW, and because the engineer must work harder, oxygen is used up faster. Adding to this whole panic/omg feeling. Additionally, perhaps it can be very slightly increased in speed if you empty your suit. Still hard because the suit is heavy. P.S. Mag boots would still work, and jetpacks should not.

This incentivizes the player to pay more attention to their power usage, to their distance from refuel stations, and the need to add more of them around. Ramps too on Earth, as your mag boots don’t work there!

I think that both options would be relatively easy to implement, as well as add a fun and scary kind of element to the game.

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suit also provides heating/cooling, or should anyway. But yea, shouldn't start dieing the second you run out of power.


You lose health when out of power in low/ high temp environments. it's very clear as to when this will start to happen, which is a good thing. Complicating the matter is only a complication, if you understand me. I think of it as --our suits are really thin, so how much insulation can they really have?

I think requiring energy for movement would be a mistake. As it happens i run out of energy a fair amount in SP worlds where there is no one to save me.

These mechanics are irrelevant until our borg drone advocates become valuable/ less disposable.

A final point- you can't interact with the world in a meaningful way without power. If you don't go recharge, you are essentially a spectator. This makes the player very attentive to how much power they have already.

Though I agree on the 'element of danger' topic. Perhaps we could build on this idea by not allowing our suits to recharge hydro from bottles with no energy.