Suit energy drains too fast

Erik Per Lindgren shared this feedback 2 years ago

With the survival update, working in space has become very very tedious.

if the update was meant to make working in space require recharging every 5 minutes, then please add a 1x 3x 10x option for suit energy as well, as currently, its making survival in space way too hard ( or rather annoying ).

other ideas include "battery packs" that work similar to the hydrogen and oxygen cannisters, to recharge the suit at cost of inventory space.

or simply a "tether" of some kind, that when you are within 50m of some special "antenna" it can radiate energy to you, which keeps you recharged.

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Bump- there are numerous threads discussiing how annoying it is to keep running out of energy every 5 minutes, why has keen not addressed this yet?

Did you know, real space suits have enough power to run the suits life support system for over 8 hours- having to recharge every 5 minutes when in space is ridiculous; increase the duration of the suits energy, or give us some space suit battery packs that we can carry in inventory, just like o2 and h2 bottles.


"real space suits have enough power to run the suits life support system for over 8 hours"

In real life earth isn't just 120km in diameter and 100m/s is like crouching like a snail and nobody here is flaming about that. xD

But you are right. It's also my opinion that the suit needs a possibility to get an upgrade like a battery or else.


Thankyou, Captain Obvious- the point being that certain allowances need to be made for game-plays sake, but 8hrs vs 5 minutes to keep recharging the suit is counter productive and frustrating, it does not add to the enjoyment or perceived realism in a game that prides itself on it's realistic approach to physics ( which is a joke at the best of times )...