Suggestion: Wings

Dumbrarere shared this feedback 2 years ago

Suggestion/Idea: Wings

Idea Type: Aerodynamic Block (Lifting Surface)

Expected Components:

Interior Plates

Small Steel Tubes

Metal Grids

Steel Plates


What it does: Lifting surfaces, such as wings, take advantage of airspeed over those surfaces to create lift, thus the name. As air travels around them, the down force of gravity is slowly replaced with the up force of lift, until the craft takes to the air. Lift coefficient changes depending on Wing Area, Air Density (No lift in a vacuum, all the lift at 1 atmosphere) and Airspeed (the speed at which you're flying). As stated above, too little airspeed on your craft and you fall like a rock, unless you're in a VTOL-capable craft. How much your craft weighs can also hinder how much lift you can get, so if you're gonna haul cargo, plan accordingly.

Why should it be added: With Aerodynamic physics ingame, wing and lifting surface blocks will allow players to create a multitude of aerial vehicles to take advantage of these physics for planetary exploration, combat, etc. It also adds the challenge of flying without inertial dampeners to maintain trajectory, making for fun and unique ways to challenge your friends, look for loot, or simply enjoy the view.

(Note: Keen could take the opportunity to add wing blocks with atmospheric thrusters built in)

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Im never using mods because I never know if they might break. But the Wing-Mod is pretty damn cool and seems to suit the game perfectly fine.

I hope that it will be part of the maingame at some point


Still two things are missing to make these wings allow true airplanes is player adjustable uplift to allow a change of altitude and landing/take off by more then only speed increase/decrease and air drag so that a plane looses movement speed if the engines are not constantly accelerating it.