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Suggestion: Tracer settings for all weapons (RGB Colour, bloom thickness,, length, frequency)

Daze Dream shared this feedback 12 months ago
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With all of these options, players should be able to achieve the visuals of what they can get from modded weapons and what they want to copy from their favourite movies and series but on vanilla weapons instead, increasing accessibility and uniformality between players. They can look like they're firing a laser from their favourite franchise or something new and custom to differentiate and add flavour and coolness to their stuff.

Tracer options for all weapons:

RGB Colour;

Self explanatory, you can customise the colour of the bullets coming out of that gun, so you can make it look like it's shooting lasers or bullets.

Bloom thickness:

Affects how visible the bullet is, currantly in vanilla the gatling bullets are close to invisible, you only really see them if you're the one firing them or they're very close to hitting you or are hitting you and it's quite disappointing and doesn't help combat awareness, the lowest bloom setting should be enough so you can always see bullets. The max bloom setting should make your bullets look like glowing balls of light.


This will allow you to make the tracer be as short as a small block or as long as 10, so you can get that star wars laser feeling.


This decides how many bullets must be fired until a bullet with a tracer is fired. So you can have all your bullets be tracers for a light show, or you might want only one every ten shots to be a tracer, which you will probably want if you're trying to make your guns look like something from star wars without actually firing more slowly. Only for high fire rate guns, railguns should probably not have this frequency option so all it's shots can be tracers.

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I disagree with the premise that "players should be able to achieve the visuals of what they can get from modded weapons," as I don't think anything should be a requirement to have unless its to fix a game-breaking dominant strategy of some sort.

However, as a suggestion for things players would like to have, I wholeheartedly agree. These are neat ideas.

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