[Suggestion] Modular Armor / Weapons

Rylan Irvine shared this feedback 2 months ago

Modular Armor

- At spawn, players would start with a basic (tier 0) astronaut suit with survival capabilities;

you could add other tiers of armor that provide better protection, power efficiency etc. while still maintaining the option to cosmetically change the skin of them. These pieces would be as follows:

* Helmet

* Torso

* Gloves

* Pants

* Boots

Modular Weapons

- More personnel weapons, with the option to add minor additions to them like laser dot, better sights or even a suppressor. It might seem a bit much as this game is about engineering, but PvP does play a large part of the game, and for those creating content on platforms like YT, it adds a great cosmetic aspect to the game.

Thank you for reading

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The main issue with the flat upgrades on a suit is that I think it would end up like the tool upgrades that we currently have. Kind of a nice-ish thing to have when hand-building, but don't really add much other than the option for a flat upgrade. Without major progression or an urgent need for those upgrades, it kind of falls flat.

That said, I think suit upgrades have potential if they have different utilities associated with them. For example, swapping out your hydrogen-powered jetpack for an atmospheric or ionic one would be amazing. It isn't a flat upgrade, but there are many situations where that kind of sidegrade is extremely useful.

Modular weapons have absolutely massive issues. I go into it more here, but the gist is that modular weapons don't add all that much to SE and have a lot of problems.


I disagree strongly and I the amount of problems it would create, creates no more than it would normally with any other feature. Wearing the same suit 24/7 with different skins is annoying when trying to do cinematic content or simply doing RP in a casual way as many players do with this game. The fear of de-pressurization and having to rush to put a suit on is an exhilarating prospect and can be done. It can contribute in a lot of ways to the different survival aspects of the game.

As for the personal weapons, being modular may not effect much, but having variety and different capabilities amps up the challenge and difficulty of boarding action or even infiltrating anothers base; using large/small grid weaponry and mods is all fun and good, but these alleged issues you keep mentioning don't make much sense because as I said before, every feature that has or will be added to this game causes problems; and some would argue there are components that don't add much but they're there anyways.

And one way or another those components still contribute to the game in a way thats worth adding. So lets give this a shot hmm? If you don't agree with it then by all means but that doesn't mean other people feel the same.


Yeah, my main issue with suit upgrades as you described them was that they weren't all that interesting. If there were useful and interesting specializations, I could definitely get behind it. But dividing it into body areas doesn't necessarily map all that well to worthwhile modules. There are only so many cool gadgets that you can strap onto a pair of pants.

I'll paste the relevant part of my linked comment, since the issues I've outlined in that are clearly of a level above the usual minor bugs:


One part of the issue with this suggestion is that modular items get complicated, fast. Most items are just the items, with separate hotbar selections that perform actions upon the player's inventory. At most, they have one number attached to them, like bottle fullness or stack size. Either you go with separate items, in which case we go exponential and it gets messy if you want much variety, or you'd need to build a full data structure for storing modular guns. Adding and removing the various modifications to the gun would also be wonderfully fun, if most Minecraft gun mods are to be believed. I don't even want to think about how to implement them in the hotbar menu. Depending on the coding behind items and inventories, that could mean a full overhaul of basic features for this, complete with a whole new set of bugs.


Variety is much easier with multiple weapons than attachments. I could quickly come up with several easily-implemented weapon concepts that can go much further than anything you stick on an assault rifle.

As a side note, I hate how your use of semicolons is perfectly valid.