Suggestion: Concrete Blocks

Andy Blackmore shared this feedback 16 months ago

An idea I've had whizzing around my head for a while now (apologies if already been suggested... On my phone not the PC)

Concrete blocks... Bear with me:

1) assembler converts an amount of gravel into concrete units(bags?) - this will help with early game allowing basic buildings be made without eating through iron

2) to make it more balanced, have it that concrete blocks grind to nothing AND they do not allow power transfer (means people will still have to use light/heavy armour blocks) - this can also be a benefit for base building as you can seperate power systems

3) further means of making it less attractive than light/heavy armour, have them forced to stationary structures (like wind generator) so you don't end up with concrete spaceships.

Let me know what you think please... This may be my first attempt at making a mod!

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Idea 1: just make concrete extremely heavy. You could build a concrete spaceship, but it isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

Idea 2: make it only weldable when on a station, and have it convert to voxels when finished. Awkward, but allows people to indirectly place voxels.