Suggestion: Color Layers/Groups

luppolo shared this feedback 2 months ago

This started here: Suggestion: Color Layers/Groups

The option to define a group by assigning a keyword to blocks

The option to edit sayd group's color in order to change all blocks at once

"An example would be a grey ship with black heavy armor 'ribs' and perhaps a red bow. But if I walk over to that ship and just spam a new color/texture, it gives no concern to only repainting a certain set of blocks. Or I have to painstakingly repaint them all carefully one at a time."

All this should apply to skin as well

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I don't know that there's an easy way to apply tags to armor blocks like that (or anything that can't be manually named in the terminal) but it'd be nice to have more robust paint options. At least "swap everything [this hex color/pattern] to [this other one]."

You could then "tag" your own blocks by using slightly different hex colors like #FFFFFE and #FFFFFD for two different but nearly identical colors.