[Suggestion] Chromatic Aberration and Vignette Toggles

Nikolas March shared this feedback 4 years ago

this has been a sore subject since its arrival so i will keep this short, without resorting to links for reference, we have all seen these...

'create your own game', 'create your own story', 'your way' and so on...

well my way has other post processing, and some bloom which is now quite nice, but does not have any chromatic aberration (and the full screen blurring that comes with it) or vignette

just 2 extra graphical enable/disable options please, for chromatic aberration and vignette

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Hehe, it's funny to observe how "immersion" so often results in invoking the "In the future, our computers will be slower, larger, and will require more manual interaction, our GUIs will be more wasteful of screen estate yet still have fewer features, our camera optics will be shoddier, our screens will have ever lower resolutions, and our battery-powered flashlights and fuel-powered cars will last only minutes." trope. :)

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