[Suggestion] Catwalk Dead-End

Harbinger Ace shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently, there are four options for catwalk platforms: no walls, one wall, two parallel walls, and two perpendicular walls.

However, there is no current manner in which to create a proper dead-end catwalk. A catwalk with three walls, having one end open, would be useful as an observation point. This could be used for large shipyard overlooks, ship bridges, cliff-side retreats, and more.

As it could be put into the catwalk scroll group, a dead-end catwalk would not litter the block menu.

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Also I would like to add additional catwalk corner. Yes there already exist such catwalk but when you want to close balcony with corners one has inner hexagon one way and opposite one another way. It simply looks odd and additional inner corner would totally fix this asymmetrical problem.


Compounding from ME -> base block plate, additional blocks walls ... or other plate.

We can dream on ...