[SUGGESTION] Allow Remote Grid commands to be placed on character toolbar

AccidentallyTheCable shared this feedback 2 years ago

Lets be honest, the Character antenna isnt the antenna it should be, or could be.

Scenario: So, you're near a remote grid (that you own), and you want to do something to the systems on it. Right now, you either:

- Open command menu

- go to target grid

- find the block you want

- activate it.

- Repeat to turn it off again.

Or, you:

- Hop in a cockpit/seat on that grid. or even a remote grid

- press a pre-defined button, assuming its there, or do the same as above (search, etc).

Proposal:Allow Character toolbar to act on remote grids blocks / systems when in range of that remote grid, as long as that grid has an antenna, and character antenna is on. For example, being able to turn a rotor on/off by pressing [0-9] to activate it on the toolbar. instead of being forced to be on that grid (in seat) or accessing by command menu

To prevent toolbar clutter, and keep these things separated from general block operations, maybe make it a secondary toolbar where this can happen, perhaps with alt+[0-9] to activate the option, and make ctrl+[0-9] cycle both toolbars.

Would be great to be able to have the operations toolbar to change depending on the grid nearby, maybe by largest grid player owns, or the ability to cycle through defined toolbar sets per-grid, per-user. If switching between grids automatically would be too messy or tough, perhaps make a block that acts like a 'syncer' for remote users, or even a button off of the antenna so it can be done remotely by a character (Open command menu, go to grid, click 'sync operations toolbar'). In the case of the Block (not antenna), the Character would go to the block on the grid they wish to access, press a button on the block, and the operations toolbar syncs/loads the toolbars defined by that user for that grid.

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This is what i have always wanted but never put into words. Being able to hotkey functions would be instantly a hit. Examples:

- Garage door opener

- Hotkey to enable turrets when diplomacy breaks down

- Control a mining platform running around to view whats being mined

- Be dramatic

- Quick controls of props for movie-making

- move actuators during construction when control panels are hard to come by

This could have the added benefit of sending commands to grids with broadcasting set to off. The possibilities from such a simple feature could be endless...


Yes please!