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I sugest you add infrared sensors to doors of all kinds, so they open when you walk close and close when you walk away. If whole world is using such tech now it shouldnt be a problem in the future, right? I know about sensors, will mention them later.

Second option is to integrate a timer into doors so they close on their own a couple seconds after beeing opened. That way you dont need to turn around and close every door manualy.

Sensors are usefull and i love using them but it would take a lot of time and a lot of PCU to use them on every doorway. Also they are the size of a dinner plate but stil they ocupy a whole large block worth of space.

That is simply absurd, especialy in tight hallways. On the same wall where the sensor is you could put a picture, a light, an LCD sign or whatever, sensor could be very thin like only a picture and other stuff could be placed over it but no no no, you made it so wastes a whole large block worth of space. Pardon my rage.

Also , on your site under COMUNITIES you have listed several wikias.

Well they are a mess, most info is many, many updates old and absolete.

I would recomend you do somethingh about that, now that the game is out of early acess and most parameters are finalized, like composition of blocks, thruster power etc.

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I recommend using Whip's Auto Door and Airlock Script. You build 1 programmable block, load the script, and all doors on the grid automatically close after a configurable time (default 4 seconds, but I find 2 works best). You can exclude certain doors by putting Excluded in their name.


Hey, thx for the sugestion but i would prefer it be an ingame feature rather than a mod.

There is an endless list of usefull mods, but i would like to see Keen to catch on and realize what is usefull and inplement it ingame.


A script isn't a mod in the traditional sense. It's baked into the blueprint, so it's not a deterrent to people grabbing it. It's literally a single checkbox in the world settings, and is not restricted by Experimental Mode. Just mention that the world needs Scripts Enabled and that's it.


"Also they are the size of a dinner plate but stil they ocupy a whole large block worth of space."

Voted for truth. The sensorical and computational capabilities you can fit into your arse pocket TODAY laughs at the limitations SE imposes on its sensors, programmable blocks, timers, etc. for a universe set some fifty years in the future.