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Alliguierg Vasconcelos shared this feedback 3 years ago

Is there any possibility that the SE is available on Google's Data Center / Broadcast service?

Think of the wonder of being able to play SE on any device via stream.

I think even in South Americans, we would not mind playing on favorite foreign servers at 720p 30p.


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already possible

as you rent most times a virtual desktop that has a real graphics card and such, there are almost no restrictions in what to play/what to do

there is another vendor already that I have seen working


the only problem with this is input latency, but with high speed internet this should be ne problem(depending on resolution and such)


Right! I searched for information on this site, something about physical machines. But it is not clear what hardware they use. And especially with will be the connection with these computers (certainly depend on third parties).

Google has already given a good idea of its hardware vendors and the virtually direct way of designing (VPN) this fiber optic network itself.

That ensure a fast and stable connection.


The reason you're not seeing hardware specs is because it's all one gigantic mega computer that divvies it's resources to its users as needed.


yes and no.

their might be real dedicated computers with a real graphics chip behind it, the prices for such streaming options aren't that cheap, so it's a bit like renting root servers , you pay like 50€ a month, while the hardware the hoster may have costs around some 1-2k €, but if you got happy costumers and they use it for a longer period of time, the investment will pay of for them

there could be shared machines, but the problem with virtualization is loss of perfomance and if you wan't to guarantee players no microlags, it's getting difficult, there are custom solutions for these kind of shared machines, but they cost ALOT (like nvidias gigantic graphics boards with many chips on, etc.)

there are hardware specs for shadow for example, google might use similar , maybe better technics(one big graphics pile, custom virtualisation with almost hw/real os perfomance,they got the guys and money to r&d something like this)

shadow is using (https://shadow.tech/dede/discover/specs)

-Intel Xeon 8 cores

-GTX 1080 Server-Equivalent P5000

-12GB RAM DDR4 - 2400 MHz

-256GB HDD

-1GB/s Download

-Windows 10 Home

so it looks like a typical server mainboard


Tudo indica que o Google usará um computador no formato blade por usuário. E o gpu será algum AMD (Vega ou Navi)

Eles evitarão qualquer possibilidade de degradação do desempenho usando virtualização.



It's an absolutely amazing idea and this is a game Stadia players would love.

But it has technological barriers yet.

Stadia requires Linux and Vulcan renderer as the software tech stack.


We need to take up this renderer at first.


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