Store Multiple Projections In Same Projector

Warlord shared this feedback 3 years ago

I'm a missile guy and I enjoy making them via projectors but with the current way they work, if I want to have different missiles then I need to make extra projectors. This in turn means I have to manually configure the settings of each projector so that they line up again.

I would be really neat if we could load a few blueprints into the projector, which would store them in an array and allow players to swap them in/out either by selecting them from a list in the block or by a script from the program block.

The way it could work would be very similar to how players can currently set a bunch of GPS co-ords into the remote control block. You'd click add blueprint, find the blueprint add it and its name would appear in the list.

In addition the program block should be able to retrieve the blueprint name of the block that is currently loaded. This would allow scripts to distinguish between blueprints.

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This could be solved by a mod allowing the player to list a few blueprints for a projector. The one of them could be loaded into the projector by an action or from a PB script.

Loading a blueprint by name is possible by calling the IMyProjector.LoadBlueprint method from a mod.

Another way would be to allow for PBs to load a Workshop blueprint by their URL programmatically, so the player can script it as he/she likes.

Considering as a feature request for the Multigrid Projector Extra mod.