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Store - Free the Economy limitations

SysZer@ shared this feedback 7 months ago
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Can you please remove the limitations and minimums emposed on players from using the store to sell their items or add a worth range that the server Admin can adjust per item?

Currently there is a transaction fee and also a listing fee which makes it a headache to for players to make transactions amongst other players.

!!Essentially they are charging them selves to sell their own items!!

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They are paying for the service provided by the store, which is to provide a secure way to sell their stuff while the player is away doing something else. What's wrong with that?


The game is a sandbox, not an MMO that lives on time and money sinks. It should not make transaction fees unavoidable. Money literally falls from the sky in SE and can be arbitrarily given and taken by regular players (who happen to have administrator privileges on a given server), it is therefore pointless to create such a sink to begin with. And even in-universe, the reason you list may well be void when stores, due to lack of alternatives, are used as mere dispensers where a fee would be unwelcome or impractical, especially on soft-RP and non-RP servers.


The Store block resides on my station on my ship using my power. Im the captain of this ship and I say I don't want to charge myself to sell my own items from my own ship..


Also, store blocks should be able to connect together on the same grid so that you can have multiple store blocks selling the same item. If you have a large station it makes zero sense at the moment to have multiple store blocks.

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