Still need a motivation to return fighting gravity

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Globally a promising update, but miss a balancing planet/space to give a third chapter to a survival adventure.

Actually first exciting survival challenge is clear, win the gravity challenge to reach space.

After that you discover the comfort of 0g life, compensating by far O2 and pressurize new difficulty.

Moving and mining become 10x (20x ?) easier and you intend to build fancy station and your first self-living ship to reach an other planet/moon.

After that should become the step of colonization … but why finally ? why returning in this gravity shitting mess ?

After one hour of building again under gravity, your only wish is to return playing in god mod among the asteroids.

You should keep the attractivity of space for the mid game, but something in the late game should give us a reason to go back on big planets.

For exemple :

- Uranium only on planets but platinum needed to do a nuclear reactor.

- Make some ores very rares in space and easy to find only on planets or moons.

- Silver essentially on planets and platinum essentially on moons.

Just give an utility to our transport ship :D

And finally in the same way you should make appear the space different than an engineering paradise :

- Cold management more oppressive

- Depressurization accident more destructive

- Less O2 autonomy

- Magnetic boots energy cost

Thanks for your attention :)

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I see many comments at the moment that say essentially the same thing. Another example of that is this comment, which also has many good ideas.

I think that Keen would be more considerate of the topic if more of these ideas would show up in trending.


I think one of the biggest factors for Keen (and especially Marek) is that they still want worlds without planets to be plyable so a lot of really good ideas simply don't fit that goal. At least thats what I figured.

So we should focus more on making planets more attractive without making them required .

Her are some of my ideas to achieve this:

-Subgrid blueprints:

Would increase the usefullness of the projector and therefor ease shipbuilding in gravity

- Anti gravity generator

We gave grav gens so why don't enable the oposit. Would be especially usefull for shipyards

- Faster freezing (and overheating):

Currently my oxygen is running out at about the same rate as my energy so why should I even bother going to a warmer area and not just building an airtight ship in space

-More power consumption for gravity generators and magnetic boots:

It would male sense to me that gravity generators take a huge amount of energy to function as they pretty much constantly fight the laws of physics

Those are just some (pretty weak) ideas but maybe considering the first paragraph we might find other ways to improve planets


I heard this wish from developper to keep all the game feature access without planets.

It's an outpassed opinion for me, planets are now a central point of interest, but right just adapt to this mantra.

Anyway, space stay obviously the safest place to construct/survive in this game, so yes at least make planet attractive by making space more oppressive.

It's also an easy way to offer a more immersive, intensive and half-credible experience.

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